June 2007


June 25, 2007

As I’m typing this, Brandon is STILL awake for some odd reason. What is the deal??!?!? I just got back from a trip to one of my favorite stores, good ol’ Target. There is nothing more delightful than going there 30 minutes before closing (because I forgot they close at 10 pm) and rushing like […]

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June 22, 2007

This summer has been pretty busy so far! We’ve done LOTS of fun things just this week alone. Father’s Day was great, I’ll post about that probably on Sunday. Monday night we went on what my family likes to call a “dinner cruise.” Lots of pictures coming from that! Tuesday Brandon spent the whole afternoon […]

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99 Balloons

June 21, 2007

You have to go watch this video. One of my friends emailed it to me and I just sat here at my computer and bawled. http://www.ignitermedia.com/products/iv/singles/570/99-Balloons Wow, I am so grateful for my kids and my husband and my family. And my faith in Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. Sometimes you need little reminders of […]

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June 19, 2007

Saturday evening we headed up to Snowbird to escape the 100 degree weather in the valley. It was beautiful up there!!! We rode on the alpine slide, the kids played in the bouncy house and slide, and we rode the tram to the top of the mountain–11000 ft. Brandon was really excited. He ran up […]

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I Got Tagged!

June 19, 2007

I’ve never done one of these list thingies before, but my friend Cheree tagged me…so I thought I’d play along! 4 Jobs I’ve held (Question: Does MOTHERHOOD count?!?!?)1. Receptionist2. Bank Teller3. Piano Teacher4. Nurse (LPN then RN)–Pediatric Home Health 4 Movies I Can Watch Over & Over (I’m not a huge movie buff)1. Princess Bride2. […]

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Pool Hunnies!!!

June 15, 2007

Does anyone remember that phrase from the movie “Sandlot?” Love that movie! The other day we went to the pool. It was such a perfect day, not too scorching hot, with a nice breeze. I was able to take some pictures because my mom and grandma came and could help keep an eye on Brandon […]

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Father’s Day is coming soon…

June 14, 2007

Warning: If you are my husband or one of our dads, you are not allowed to read any further. The following is Top Secret! I made this mini album for Father’s Day for Jaden, and am working on a similar version for both of our dads, with pictures of them and the kids. It was […]

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Kid stuff

June 13, 2007

We were hanging out in the backyard the other day, and Jaden was kicking around the soccer ball. I was excited to catch this shot, even though the background is busy. He’s a little bit in the air, if you couldn’t tell. We decided it’s like an ad for VANS, you can read it perfectly […]

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Cute things.

June 12, 2007

Time for an important PSA: My cute friend Jaime has just started her own etsy store–check it out! http://www.bluedandelion.etsy.com She makes darling little girlie hair accessories. And I made the {blue dandelion} banner for her. So go and buy lots of clippies, you know you want to. A while back I mentioned how I taught […]

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Yes, I’m alive.

June 11, 2007

Hello out there! People have been getting mad at me because I haven’t blogged in awhile! I haven’t even posted at all in June. Oops! It has been a busy week! Lots to catch up on. And this will be a post very light on the pictures, my computer’s been giving me fits the last […]

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