Is it bad when……

by Brooke on February 17, 2010

your desktop stuff is turned on its side for some odd reason????? ETA: Problem has been resolved….for now. :)

Yeah. We are having computer problems AGAIN. I just got everything restored back onto the desktop a few weeks ago from when my external hard drive died. Now it looks like it’s all going bye-bye again. I have no access to anything on it as of this moment. The computer is going completely psycho, turning sideways and the mouse won’t work. Everyone says we need a Mac. Anyone want to give us lots of money for us to buy one??? Ha ha. :) Anyway, we must have some sort of curse with computers this year. At least I have my trusty laptop. ***crossing my fingers it stays alive longer***
Anyone know a good, trustworthy computer fixer-upper??? BOO HOO!!!!!

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